Beauty Pie Haul & Mini Review

A couple of weeks ago I placed a new Beauty Pie order so wanted to share what I got and my first impressions/ mini review of the new bits I’ve been testing. I really like the products I’ve previously ordered so had high hopes for the news bits I wanted to try out. If you’d like to see my previous order and thoughts on Beauty Pie, then you can find the post here.

This order was just skincare based, as I’m not in the need of any new make up at the moment. With the current lockdown situation, I’m trying to use up lots of other make up bits. However skincare is something I’m loving testing out at the moment. If anything good comes of this lockdown, let’s hope it’s glowy skin.

Beauty pie products

Plantastic micropeeling super drops.

First up are the plantastic micropeeling super drops. I wanted to give these a go after hearing a lot of good things. I’ve been eating a lot of sweet snacks during lockdown, which has been causing me a few breakouts. I have heard these can help keep your skin in check, and although I’ve not been using this for long I like it already. The smell is really pleasant, I can’t really describe it but it’s nice. They also sink into the skin really easily and my other products work really well on top too. So far, so good!

Triple Hyaluronic Acid.

This is a repeat purchase as I love this stuff. I only just ran out the other day, so luckily this order arrived just in time. I adore this product, the serum sinks into the skin so easily and I’ve noticed such a difference. I did pay a little more for this product this time round but honestly it is worth it. My skin always feels so much better after using this. I can’t rave about this enough, so very happy it’s back in my stash.

Jeju Daily.

This is the Jeju Daily super stem cell moisture shot serum and I was excited to give this a go. From what I read online, it’s another product great for adding moisture to the skin. I’ve been using them for a few days and feel as though the texture of my skin feels better. (I have also been drinking a lot more water, so that might have helped). I’m impressed so far, so looking forward to seeing what they do with more use.

Japanfusion cleanser.

I wanted to switch up my cleansers for spring so ordered the Japanfusion cleanser. It’s a gel/cream texture that turns into an oil and then milky consistency once you’ve worked it into the skin. It’s a really nice product and a perfect second evening cleanser as it leaves my skin feeling nice and clean. I’m really happy I picked this up and will definitely buy this again.

QI Energy eye cream.

I was so excited to try this eye cream as I do suffer from dark circles and have heard a lot of good things. I feel like this is a product I’ll need to use for a long time before I see any actual results (consistency is key) but first impressions have been good! I sometimes suffer with sensitive under eyes but so far this product has been fine and I’m really enjoying it. It’s really moisturising and does appear to brighten my under eyes slightly. It sits well under make up (although I don’t wear much make up day to day at the moment, joys of wfh). You also don’t need a lot of product, so have a feeling this will last me a long time.

Let me know if you have any products you recommend trying out! I’ve already got my eye on a few bits but love putting together mini reviews so keen to hear about new products to try..

Megan Salter

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