Winter skin – my hero products.

Due to having to WFH for the foreseeable and social distancing being a thing, I wanted to pay more attention to my skin and getting it into good shape. I’d been trying out a lot of new skin care at the end of last year, with Beauty Pie being one of my favourite finds (you can read my blog post on my thoughts here) so wanted to put some of these products to the test in my routine. I find that when it comes to Winter skin and my routine I really have to try and up my hydration, as my skin can get quite dry and dull. However with the break from commuting and not wearing make up every day I thought I’d talk through some of the products I’ve been enjoying.


Although it’s not pictured, but I will just say to start off with, water has been the thing to make the biggest difference to my skin. I’m so bad with drinking water in the winter and my skin shows it. I’m an avid tea drinker, so needed to try and reduce those and up the H20. I’d probably say I can manage to drink around 2 and a half litres of water a day now which is great. I just bought myself a glass carafe for my desk and I can easily make my way through it throughout the day whilst I’m working. Honestly the best (and cheapest) thing to make a difference. I find my skin clears up a lot faster and it just feels a bit healthier, so this is something I’ll be keeping up.

Hydrating Hero’s

I used a couple of products to really hydrate my skin (on top of all that water). First up, the Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic acid which is a serum I’ve been using daily for a couple of months and adore. It’s really hydrating, leaves my skin feeling really plump and works well when used with other products. The price for members too, makes this serum under £14 which is really good value, considering how much of it you get and how well it works. Just pure love for this product. Next up is the Weleda skin food, a recommendation from Katie Jane Hughes who’s an incredible make up artist. I use this on the drier areas of my face and if I’m just having a no video, working away day I’ll sometimes just use it all over. It can be a little heavier sometimes for my skin as I am oily in some areas, like around my nose but I do really like it. I also love using it when I’m travelling, as it’s great at keeping your skin protected from drying out. Finally for hydration is the drink up intensive over night mask from Origins, which again, I really love. I tend to use this once a week or whenever my skin feels like it needs a little more tlc. It’s perfect for popping on during the day too, as it’s clear and does the job within a few hours.


I’m going to mention SPF as it’s something I’ve been using daily, even though we’re in this little WFH limbo at the moment. I make sure I get outside everyday, either for a run, a walk around the park or to pop to the shops. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, I still make sure I wear it daily. For a start I wanted to get into a good routine of using it, because I have been guilty of forgetting a lot in the past. I also just want to make sure I’m protecting my skin. This one from Beauty Pie, the ultralight SPF25 is great for daily wear as it’s not greasy or heavy on the skin and skinks in like a dream. Which is perfect for daily use, whether that be a make up free day or I’m putting on a little something (mostly for jumping onto work calls).

Eye cream.

I tend to get quite puffy eyes and do have quite dark under eye circles. I can’t put that down to a lack of sleep I’m afraid as, that is something I do not have a problem with. I’ve always had them and probably always will, however I also get quite sensitive dry under eyes so have to be careful with what I use. This Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment works a treat and helps my eyes feel moisturised and a little less puffy in the morning. Some evenings I tap in quite a lot to the area, to make an almost little eye mask which is nice. I find that a little goes a long way with this one, so definitely worth the money.


I still always use the body shop cleansing butter first, but I switched up my second cleanser and I’m so impressed with it so have a feeling I’ve found a new favourite. It’s from Beauty Pie (can you tell I love their products) and it’s the Plantastic cleanser. It’s a solid butter/balm texture that as soon as you massage into the skin turns into this really lovely oil texture. It took me a few uses to get used to the smell, however now I love it. You don’t need much of this and it leaves my skin feeling so clean but without feeling stripped. Honestly a great product and I’ve already ordered another one so i have a backup ready to go.

Dealing with spots.

Touch wood, I don’t tend to get too many problematic spots to deal with at the moment. I think it’s a combination of a few things helping my skin, however I still get a few pop up. Whether it be from hormones or the fact I attacked a jar of Nutella, I’ll normally get a couple make an appearance. I do use the Ordinary serum to help me deal with them, however the la roche-posay effaclar duo is one of the best products I’ve used to help. It’s moisturising and calming on the skin, and really helps me get rid of those small under the skin ones. If my skins flaring up a little, I’ll use this a few evenings a week to just help it out a little.

Lip care.

Last but not least, lips. I sadly lost my glossier balm dotcom, so went back to using my Blistex intensive moisturiser and my lips are feeling nice and hydrated. I tend to use this more in the evening, especially when I’m sleeping to help them repair over night. It’s a cheap but effective product and great at actually making your lips more hydrated.

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