Testing new skincare: Beauty Pie

This is not my first order from Beauty Pie, I’ve previously tried out a couple of their products which I’ve spoken about before in my affordable beauty roundup. However I wanted to do a proper product review of some of the bits I’ve ordered from the brand.

For those of you who haven’t heard of them before, essentially you pay a monthly fee to have access to some great skincare, make up and other products at the wholesale, or ‘cost’ price. A lot of the products available are made in the same factories as some well known, high end brands and are very similar indeed. Some people who explain it well are Caroline hirons and Anna Hart (who did a great IGTV round up on it). So worth checking them out if you want to know more, and which products are worth getting etc.

The main reason I made a new order, was because I wanted to mix up my skincare routine. My skins been going through a rough patch lately (not sure what’s set it off, could be the sweet treats I’ve been tucking into…) anyway I’m on a bit of a mission to clear it up. I was also running low on a couple of products so thought now would be a good time to test some alternatives to see if they could replace some of my most used skincare bits.

Super retinol

Starting with the product I was most excited about. This is the super retinol with Vitamin C and is a night time moisturiser. I’ve seen Anna talk about their retinol and knew it was going straight into the basket. I’ve only been testing this for a short while, however it’s a big yes from me so far. The texture of this is really nice and sinks in quickly, it doesn’t irritate my skin or leave me with any breakouts. Something other retinol products have done in the past. I’ve been using it over the past few weeks and I’ve actually already noticed a difference. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels really good, with the texture of my skin feeling improved. This is now in my current daily skincare routine, so I’m very happy I tried it out.

Plantastic cleanser

I’ve been after something to replace my slightly pricier cleansing balms as I’m running a bit low so thought now was the time to try this out. Again I’ve heard some great things about this product so was intrigued to see how it compared to some of my other pricier cleansers. So far, so good. I really like the consistency, it goes from a balm to oily balm quickly, but still feels luxe on the skin. Leaves you with enough slip on the skin to go in for a little face massage and really feels like it’s nourishing at the same time. I’m really impressed with this, my skin feels great afterwards and I think heading into winter, this will be my go to second cleanser. The only downside to the product (and a very personal thing) is I’m not 100% sold on the smell, as it’s apricot and that’s not my favourite scent. However, I like everything else about it enough to forget about that, so it’s another yes from me.

Triple Hyaluronic Acid

I’d seen a few people online talk about this, so was yet again interested in testing it out. I’ve used a couple of hyaluronic acids in the past, from affordable brands such as The Ordinary which I did like but wasn’t that fussed about. This one however has really impressed me. I usually have dehydrated skin, so it can sometimes feel a bit ‘meh’ (great descriptive word, I know). It usually feels a bit lacking in something, and this helps give it back that ‘something’. My skin feels more plump and fresh which is great when I’m tackling the underground, cold weather and then heating too. The product is a little tacky but it sinks in to my skin okay and I find my products apply with no problem at all on top. Definitely a product I’ll be using through the winter to help my skin feel good.

Beauty Pie skincare products


Finally, but perhaps most importantly is the SPF 25 daily lotion. This is something I’ve been meaning to purchase for a longgggg time, but just somehow never got around to it. I neglected wearing SPF in the summer, unless you count the stuff in my CC cream, which by the time I had sweat it off on my commute, probably didn’t do anything. So I wanted to start adding it to my skincare routine to make sure I was covered going forward. And yes, it’s important to wear it in the winter too, so hopefully starting now isn’t completely wasted. So far, I’m enjoying this, it’s easy to apply, sinks in well and doesn’t really affect how my make up applies. A simple product that just does the job (hopefully).

So there we have my little mini haul of Beauty Pie products from this month. I’ve already got more added to my basket so feel another little order coming on soon. If you’ve tried any of the products or have any recommendations on what I should try then let me know! Always on the hunt for new skincare to try….

Megan Salter

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