Easy Cheesy Leek Risotto Recipe

This easy cheesy leek risotto is one of my favourite meals to have in the evenings. It’s the perfect comfort food, easy and cheap to make too. I used to make this by adding in chicken too, but recently I’ve just been using leeks (and adding in a little extra cheese), delicious! This is a great meal to make mid week, as you can use up any left over vegetables, if you don’t have leeks then mushrooms work well too.

Leek risotto recipe

As I said, this is so easy to make so you don’t need a lot of ingredients, I usually have most of these in the house to be honest so it’s perfect for those evenings when I’m not sure what to eat and just want something super tasty.


Per person, you’ll need, 1 small – medium leek, 90g risotto rice, garlic, 400ml chicken stock (or vegetable if you’d prefer), some extra hot water and some Parmesan cheese.

Cooking the risotto.

First up add the garlic into the pan with some oil and let it cook away on a low heat. You don’t want to burn the garlic so keep it on a low heat. I personally love garlic, so I do chuck in a lot so add in as much as you’d like. I let this cook away for a minute or so. Then add in the risotto rice, making sure to mix it into the garlic really well. Add in the chicken stock and turn up the heat a so it simmers away, still on a low heat. I know a lot of recipes say to add it in a spoonful at a time. However, I just add it in all at once and make sure I keep stirring whilst it’s cooking. I find it takes around 20 – 25 minutes for the stock to be absorbed and the rice to be cooked. Sometimes I find it needs a little more water adding in. If this is the case, have some hot water on hand to just add into the pan and let it cook for a little longer.

Cooking the leeks.

Whilst the risotto is cooking away, chop up the leeks. Add them into a separate pan with a little oil and some hot water. Reduce the leeks in a shallow pan, letting them cook away in the water. You want them stay soft and don’t want them to burn. When cooking the leeks, I tend to cook them on their own and then add them into the risotto later. I also do this to what ever vegetables I’m adding in, as I find it tastes better. The leeks usually take around 10 minutes to soften and then once cooked, add them into the risotto pan. At this point the risotto should be mostly cooked. It shouldn’t have long left, it’s just about combining them together and making it creamy.

Serve it up.

Once it’s all creamy, and the rice has absorbed all of the chicken stock take it off the heat. Now it’s time to serve it up! I do like to load mine up with some cheese, so add it once it’s cooked and stir it in. I find the cheese makes the leek risotto a little stickier. It also adds a nice flavour, so add as much as you’d like at this point and enjoy!

Megan Salter

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