A catch up.

Well hi again. I know it’s been a while since I last posted (oops), but I wanted to get back into blogging again and felt like the start of September would be a good start. I think I still consider it to be like the start of a new school year. Any excuse to get myself organised and sorted for the rest of the year ahead. Also feels like a good time of year for a new start.

So a lot has happened since April, Covid and lockdown hit us all pretty hard and things have been a little strange ever since. We’re now at the August bank holiday and I’ve finally had some time to chill out and catch up on some bits. I thought it would be best to start with a little catch up before I dive into the content I’ve been working on, so grab a cup of tea…

Fell in and out of love with running.

One positive to come out of lockdown was I finally completed the couch to 5k running programme. I saw a lot of other people got involved too, which was great to see. I’d often see the same runners in my local park jogging along to what looked like the same programme. (The look of relief when the say, and now time to walk for a bit in those early runs…). I did it over nine weeks and finally found myself really enjoying it and looking forward to getting outside. One thing I did differently this time round was to listen to podcasts instead of music during my runs. Not only did I find they passed by so quickly but it really helped me to sort my pace out. This really helped once I was running the slightly longer sessions.

However, since being home I’ve really neglected my running which is a shame as I built it up so much! It’s crazy how quickly you can lose it and feel like a complete beginner again. I’ve found that without the local park, I’m not as motivated to get out in the morning. However I’ve just signed up to a running challenge in September, so it’s a focus for me over the next few weeks to get back into it again. Especially now the weather is a bit cooler, which I prefer running in (I don’t handle the heat that well).

Leaving London (for now).

Speaking of being home now… one of the biggest changes is that we said goodbye to our little London flat and moved back home. I’m extremely lucky that I’m able to work from home. So it sort of made more sense to move back for a while. I’m also not likely to be back in the office for quite some time, especially not 5 days a week anyway.

So as much as we loved our flat, in the long term working and living in it was getting a bit snug. Also I could not have imagined working in there during the heat waves and then looking ahead to winter. So have the opportunity to save money not paying London rent feels nice. So far, it’s great being back in the countryside. Especially during the summer as we can make the most of the outside and being with family. I’m looking forward to moving back down once things are a bit more back to normal. We’re also looking to move to a new area too! Until then, it’s the slower paced small town life for a while which for now feels good.

I turned thirty.

Like a lot of people this year, I got to experience a lockdown birthday. And it was a biggie – I turned 30. This was whilst we were still in the flat and lockdown was still fairly strict. So it was a day in the flat with just me and Rachel, perfect. With a few distanced visitors who came to surprise me from the end of my doorstep. I actually had the best day, and my sister Rachel really went all out for me. I got spoilt rotten by friends and family and just enjoyed a slightly chilled day. So as far as birthday’s go, it was up there with one I’ll always remember, and love! She packed it full of my favourite things and we ended the day drinking cocktails and playing a Harry Potter board game. It was honestly fantastic.

As for now being a thirty year old, it feels very strange. I always thought I’d have a lot of things ‘ticked off’ my list. In reality I don’t, and I’m actually fine with it. I learnt a lot in my twenties and I’m now really excited to see what my thirties hold. With no pressure to tick things off, just to have fun and enjoy life.

A mini break to wales.

As soon as the lockdown restrictions were lifted, we headed straight to Pembrokeshire for a few days. It was nice to see some family and spend some time at the coast. One thing I missed a lot during lockdown was being by the sea. It felt so good to spend some time switching off. The coast walks in Pembrokeshire are so beautiful and there are so many gorgeous beaches to explore. I really love spending time there, even just wondering around some of the small towns. We’re actually heading back to Wales next month and I’m already so excited. Only this time we’re hopefully climbing Mount Snowdon too!

And I think that’s really it. I feel like this summer has honestly passed by in a flash. It feels like we were just being told to stay in doors, and then bam months have gone by! Although 2020 has been an odd year, things are starting to get back to normal (ish). I’m looking forward to the next few months.

Hope you’re all well, and I’ll see you in my next post. Hopefully a lot sooner this time!

Megan Salter

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