The Monthly Mix: August

So I know I only recently did a mini catch up (here if you missed it) but I wanted to get back into my monthly mix posts as they’re a good way to sum up the month. Including things I loved, exciting things I got up to and new things I discovered (great to look back on too).

August was a busy one for me, and I loved it. I managed to squeeze a lot, spent time with family and also discovered a lot of new things. Also it’s a long one, so maybe grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

New in: Milk Makeup

I’m sure you’ve heard of milk make up as it launched in the UK earlier this year and it’s talked about quite a bit online. The products are really simple, easy to use and make getting reading in the morning quick. Which is perfect for me, as I like to steal an extra few moments of zzzz if I can. I’ve been trying out the bronzer, blush in twerk and the mascara most days and can already confirm, it’s love. The mascara alone is one of the best products I’ve tried this year. The other products are so easy to blend, stay put and also give a really nice finish on the skin. Full review coming soon on all the stuff I picked up, but basically worth the hype!

Summer in the city

August was a bit of an odd one when it came to the weather but we were lucky enough to experience a mini heatwave which means summer was well and truly out in full force. Not wanting to let the good weather go to waste, we decided to get out and about and explore London. This included visits to the London Transport Museum (well worth a visit fyi), boat trips along the canal from Little Venice to Camden and a visit to East London to check out Columbia Road flower market. We also booked in for an evening watching the sunset over London from the top of St Pauls (worth climbing ALL the steps for) and spent some time along the Southbank enjoying the summer evenings. It was a really great month for exploring the city.

A charity event

Had to mention an awesome charity event I was lucky enough to help out at, all in aid of Free Periods. I’m sure you’re aware of the Zara dress. The polka dot garment that half the female population appears to own, including myself. Well in aid of charity, the dress wearers came together and raised a tonne of cash for a good cause. There was an evening at Vogue house, which included a panel, some incredible food and some really lovely people coming together. It was a really great evening and I love how it came about because of a lot of love for a polka dot dress. You can still donate if you’d like to, here.

Eating less meat

One thing we tried to do throughout August was to really reduce how much meat we were eating. I’d started going off some meat anyway and we also wanted to challenge ourselves to try and mix up our food. We still ate fish but decided to switch out chicken, beef and pork whilst at eating at home and we actually really enjoyed it. I cooked some really delicious meals, including a broccoli and mushroom pasta, some creamy garlic mushrooms and Rachel made an incredible vegetable lasagne. I’ll try and write up some of the recipes because honestly, they are worth a go if you want to switch things up.

Content creators I’m loving

Thought I’d round up the monthly mix with some of the content creators I loved in August. First up is Tar Mar who’s and Irish gal living her best life in NYC. I’ve really enjoyed watching her content lately, especially her recent apartment hunting video, as I’m nosey AF and love that kind of stuff and I really like her vlogs. Definitely worth checking out if you like irish accents, NYC and very good vlogs. Someone else I’ve been catching up on recently is Luke Catleugh, who is a northern lad living in London. I’ve been watching and loving his moving vlogs over the past few weeks and it’s made me want to do up my flat a bit more. And finally, one of my favourites, Tami. She’s been posting so much more this past month, which is lovely to see. Catching up on her feed, stories and also blog posts makes me happy, and her recent style craving posts are always exactly what I’ve also been lusting after myself (great minds right?) so yes, worth going over and seeing! She’s the best and I’m excited to see what else is to come.

Megan Salter

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