The Monthly Mix: December

Welcome to my first monthly mix post! I wanted to start rounding up some of the things I’m loving each month or things I’ve done or achieved. This past month sped by, as it always does at this time of year. I managed to pack a lot in but was ready for the Christmas break and some time at home with the family. 


I’ve been loving podcasts over recent months. I find them perfect for my morning commute, and will often stick one on when I’m cooking in the evening too. I find them less distracting than watching YouTube videos. With the New Year approaching I’ve been enjoying podcasts that motivate me, ones with an inspiring story or tips. I recommend The Power Hour from Adrienne London – a truly motivational woman who leaves you wanting to smash all your goals. If you haven’t listened to her podcast or read her blog yet, then add it to your list immediately! It will leave you feeling like you can take on those tasks and hit your goals. 


My skin played up a bit during November so a friend at work recommended The Ordinary Niacinamide which has worked wonders. Not only is it only £5 (yes to affordable skincare that works) but it seems to have helped clear up my skin quickly. I apply it twice a day, it soaks in easily and my other products still work well. I’m so impressed with this product that I’ve already been recommending it to friends and family. If you’re thinking of trying any products from The Ordinary then this is one to add to your list! Another beauty product that I want to give a shoutout to this month is my it cosmetics cc cream. Although it’s sold as a cc cream, this stuff certainly packs a punch when it comes to coverage. It has been the best glowy go to base for the party season and has helped to disguise my blemishes when my skin was playing up. I really rate this foundation and highly recommend, especially if you want something buildable and glowy.  


I couldn’t write about the things I loved in December and not include Christmas. This year I spent it at home with my family and loved every second! Having the break from London was nice, and I loved coming back to the countryside. The lead up to Christmas was spent trying to soak in as much of the festive atmosphere as possible in London. From ice skating at the Natural History Museum to wandering down Southbank and enjoying a mulled cider. I loved taking it all in! I then headed home for a week of family time, food and plenty of festive fun which is just what I needed. Especially before a busy January ahead, which includes 2 trips away, which I’m so excited for. 


I wanted to recap quickly on fitness and mainly running, which is something I’ve been working on a bit this year. I managed to get a new PB at the end of this year at Park Run (a free Saturday morning 5K timed run). I’m so proud to have finally reached my target this year of running the whole thing without stopping, something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to achieve! And on top of that, I managed to get a time of 33.19. I’m really hoping I can continue to improve on running and I’ve already set some running goals for 2019. 

So there we have my first monthly mix! I’m sure they’ll change to include different things as we move forward into 2019 but hopefully it gives you an idea of the things I’ve loved/ done or achieved in the past month! I’d love to know your’s so let me know! 

Hope you all have a Happy New Year & wonderful 2019! 

Megan Salter

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