3 Podcasts I’m loving right now.

I’ve lately become a big fan of podcasts, and have spoken about them before in my Monthly mix. I find they’re perfect for listening to on the commute to work or when I’m doing some bits on my laptop at home. I have a few that I listen to on rotation, but lately, I’ve been loving ones about success. I love listening to something that helps to motivate me and give me the kick I need to get going with something. I thought I’d share some of my favourites below, in case you’re looking for some new podcasts to listen to!

Overnight Success

The overnight success is one that I recently discovered, as I knew that Lorna Luxe was going to be a guest on so wanted to check this out and I’m so glad I did. This weeks episode featuring Lorna is definitely worth a listen, as she talks about developing your personal brand. It’s really interesting hearing Lorna talk through her brand and how she’s grown it, along with some tips on growing your own. I’ve also read the book, Overnight Success which I really enjoyed. So this series with Maria Hatzistefanis is perfect if you want to find out more about how people go about building brands.

Power Hour

The Power Hour by Adrienne is still one of my favourite podcasts, she just brings such positivity to her podcasts and I love the guests she invites on. I also like that Adrienne does a mix of interviews and also voice notes (shorter, punchier and very motivational mini podcasts) which gives a nice mix of things to listen to. This weeks guest with Lucy Gornall is a great one to listen to, so worth checking out if you want some motivation! I always feel like I can smash my to do list and take on a challenge after listening to Adrienne.

She’s Electric

A really great podcast run by Jody Shield, who has interviewed some fantastic people. Women including, Alice Liveing and Dr Hazel Wallace. I really enjoy listening to this to help spark some inspiration. I find Jody really easy to listen to, so it’s a lovely listen – especially on my way into work. I think it’s great listening to women who have started things, sometimes from nothing and how they’ve succeeded. I really recommend this, great for the walk into work in the morning!

These are a few I’m loving this week, I’d love to know which ones you’re loving at the moment! If you have any you’d recommend, then please do share below!

Megan Salter

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